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tonight with breaking news. a fire in west baltimore to tell you about. it has been a concern with these winds that has -- that have already moved from one building to another. what is the latest? >> we have heard it going out to four alarms. we have got the side and the west side of the street. the east side is where you see this truck going now. still no reports of injuries. we see at least two drawings on the east side right now that are involved in flames. and it looks like another occupied drying is in the process as well. -- occupied drawing is in the process as well. they are detouring traffic. firefighters are still responding. they have gone from three alarms now up to four alarms. we do not know how much further is going to go. >> it just a quick question for you. i'm assuming they had evacuated the neighborhood around there. >> yes, pretty much. city police officers, we watched them go inside a lot of the dwellings. there were getting residents and moved them up the street and across the street from this fire going on flames are shooting anywhere from 20 to 30 feet
a public plea for a witness to come forward. the shootinn happened thursday afternoon in west baltimore. melinda roeder live tonight from police headquarters wiih the very latest on that case. melinda? >>reporter: barton was supposed to pick up his kids from school thursday, but he never adeeit. now policeeand his family need help catching the killer. >> somebody, if you saw it, i encourage you to please come % forward. make a phone call. >>reporter: sxhee hii siblings struggle to cope, knowing their brother's killer has not been captured. n thursday, he was gunned down near the corner of braddish and baker in west baltimore. police told them car, armed with a gun. they took his wallet and shoo him several times. he mannged to walk in to the nearby restaurant to ask for help. >> the person that as in the (unintelligible) the last worrs he saii, "somebody shot mee call 911. he was holding his id up and wasn't able to, after that point, contain himself. >>reporter: he collapsed and police told him there was an s anonymous witness, but they need more information to crack 1 the c
hours early today because of the heat. crews are on the scene of a building collapse and west baltimore to it happened just before 11:00 at west baltimore street. no reports of any injuries. a building inspector as been requested and bge will shut off utilities. and anne arundel county neighborhood is on edge as police search for a man who sexually assaulted an 83-year- old woman. he broke into her house on monday morning and once inside the home, they say he raped the victim and flooded the area. police are looking for a white male in his early 20s. right now they only have of a description -- havea vague description. >> have lighting in place, always a deterrent to criminals. any dates, windows, make sure you -- lock thoseyou gates -- gates, windows, make sure you luck to those. >> another motion to exclude evidence and the prosecution of three men charged in the murder of former baltimore city councilman ken harris has been denied. defense lawyers asked the judge to keep a security guard at the shopping center from identifying the suspect on the video. >> we don't think the witness
>> there's not much left after two four-alarm fires in west baltimore. i'm jennifer franciotti. details are next. >> a california neighborhood goes up in flames as a massive gas line rupture ignites an unbelievable explosion. we'll have the latest. >> and it looks look a fall-like weekend is in the works. the insta-weather plus forecast, as 11 news today continues right now. >> good morning, tgif, i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> meteorologist john collins has a check of the forecast. looking good. >> yeah. you mentioned the fall-like weekend. i was out working in the yard past couple of days, very nice, and a lot of leaves in the lawn. but it's not because of fall-like temperatures, it's because of the dry conditions we've got. >> but let's talk about the cool for the moment. we'll address the wet in just a minute, or dry, or whichever way you want to look at it. at b.w.i. marshall right now, 56 degrees the temperature. that's the low there so far this morning. it just dropped into that range. 72%, the humidity. barometer h
stabbing today. a woman was found with stab wounds in west baltimore, she died later of her injuries. >> the detectives are working on the leads in the case. >>> the johns hopkins surgeon who was shot by a patient's son a out of the hospital and back home. he was released from hopkins yesterday. a week and a half ago, he was shot by an unhappy patient. the man killed his mother and then himself. >>> and texting and driving is against the law and talking on a hand held phone will be against the law this friday, too. several are gathering to highlight the hands off law. >>> if you're guilty of this, prepare to pay for it. maryland law will make it illegal to use hand held phone devices behind the wheel. when you have a hamburger in this hand and a soda in this hand and you're trying to shift, there's a problem. one, two, three, how you going to shift? i've seen it. >> reporter: this delegate pushed it to be a primary offense. instead the violation was a secondary offense. you have to be pulled over for something else, like running a redleg and a-- red light and guessive driving. some t
. >> thanks, wyatt. >>> an attempted murder suspect barricades himself in a west baltimore neighborhood. it happened just before 9:00 this morning in the 1600 block of mount moore court. after several hours the suspect michael ellis was eventually taken into custody. no one hurt during the standoff. >>> marijuana with a street value of more than $10,000 is now in the hands of anne arundel county police. they also confiscated four rifles, two guns and two handguns from the same home on old oak road in severn. a tip about marijuana being grown on the property led authorities to the discovery. police arrest 40-year-old scott wagner. he faces several charges including possession with the intent to distribute marijuana. >>> we now know the name of the man who police say struggled with an officer before grabbing his gun in a parking lot in a food line in randallstown monday morning. henry frances harris attempted to shoot the officer before another officer arrived on the scene shooting him in the chest. he has been charged with attempted murder and first degree assault. both baltimore county
aveeues pn west baltimore last night. according to police, the teenager is in stable >>> another university of colleee park. it happened in stuuent was approached by fourr suspeccs. one of them jumped a bus stop. five suspects at >>> the jerryylewis muscular dystrophy telethon ii a traditional. >> as you can seee things are in studio b, where we will here begin local coverage in bbut 1 45 minutes or so. make sure % jerry's kids. thaa's why we're here. that's why we're here every labor day and sunday and monday on labor day weekend. % it is truly a labor of love. we can't wait to et started. >> it is, indeed, bruce. i will see you over there in studioob in 45 minutes. >> get dressed. >> i will. >> once again, you can support the ms association during the jerry lewis mda telethon on our starr at 11:00 toniiht. as bruceesaid tis running all day through abor day tomorrow. 31 >>> a new police program is under fire in san francisco. why these cops won'tthave guns or badges. the controverry up nexx. >>> looking at clear skies out there tonight, it looks like >>> once ea
alarm fires in west baltimore. ten row homes up in smoke. >> happened minutes apprt less3 than one quarter of a mile away today's weather mmy have played a key role in the blazes. karen parks is currently in west baltimoree and tells us no onee3 was hhrt. but these fires are still under investigation tonight. karen? >> that'' right jeff. innestiggtors are still here, on the scene. -ou mentioned earlier, in the intro, you talked abouu high winds. windy right now. just imagine what it was like a now, the fire started right here. you can sse all the debris left. after three homes caught on fire. the blaze then spread, across the street. i will try to get over here to show you. these five row homes, went up in flames, and it did not stop here. and investors say high winds could be a factor. but will not confirm. 5 ell you. as for neighbors. it was a iasco none will forget. >> it is crazy. you got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. seven firee. >> flames tear down homes. >> in the second house right there. and kept chaining down. >> first fire started in the 1300 block of north
". in west how the weather made it worse. >> one person said he is addicted to women. that he cannot stop himself almost. >> the lawwuit against john leoppld. the scandalous new allegations tonight against the arundel3 county executive. >> bp's report. the oil company'ssview of what went wrong. >> and more good news about coffee. the way it could very well help -ome people live longer. >> live in high definition, fro3 wbff tv in baltimorr, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. 24 alarm blaaes in baltimore. row homes up in smoke. >> karen parks is live in west baltimore where firefighttrs returned to the scene mommnts ago. karen? ú% that's right jennifer. if you remember, at 10:00, this is pretty much a ghost town. cleaning up. getting ready to leave. but just minutes ago, and i am talking about maybe five minutes ago. at least 80 firefighters rush to thh scene here. in the 1300 block of north calhoon. after smoke was seen coming from the top of one of the row homes, that caught on fire earlier today. initially we we
baltimore on west baltimore street at north catherine street and top side of the belt way. slow speeds due to crash on the outer loop at york road and a leif look here you will nottce both the inner loop and outer loop are going to be jam packed. that will be the same case if traveling tte west side of the belt way. frederick road where you can see a little bit better but the inner loop will be pretty crowded. traveling on 95 you do want to watch out for an accident along the northbound lane there at the harbor tunnel through way. %--úfrom the northbound lanes at russell street. thaa's the traffic edge repprt now back to you. >> thhnks so much. >> clouds and much-needed rain today. >> still ahead in the news at 5:30. vytas will tell us what we can expect as we finish out the work week. 8. they are starting to count absentee ballot in the hotly contested ballot in the hotly contested race for state attorney. >> the state attorney issstill in limbo bonita. earlier today they began counting those absentee ballot. numbers tonight. job. >> the results gave bernstein a lead over
of north and fulton avenue in west baltimore. kathleen is live at the scene with the very atess on this story tonight. kathleen. >>reporter: tonight poliie say they have the driver of the stolen car in custody. the crash happened right there. and the newspaper salesman hit remains hospitalized but is expected to survive. the newspaper salesman says goods frommthe median strip where he was when heliccpter when it crashed. peooll on the busy corner were shocked by how fast it >> it just bam. everybody just prayed. >> the way they ppttyou on the median strip sometimes it's kind of hard, you know. it >>reporter: 18-year-old davis has been arrested and s being chargeddwith steaaing theecar among otherrthings. mane whileethe newspaper salesman remains hoopitalized but once again he is expecteddto survivee live in west baltimore, fox 45 newssaa 5:30. >>> okay kathleen. pooice are currently inveetigating a triple shoottng in weet baltimore. happened last tooight near lafayette avenue and north pace street. 3 men shot then took themselves to the hospital. all are expected t
in to help. the fires were in west baltimore and the latest video we showed you. linda so joins us live with more on this story. >> reporter: good morning. certainly was a busy day for firefighters, not only here in the city, but lots of other firefighters from surrounding counties that came in to help because these fires were so bad. more than 100 firefighters here in the city were needed to battle these fires that were fueled by those gusty winds. fast moving flames tore throughout a dozen row homes throughout the city yesterday. the first fire broke out at around 5:30 in the afternoon in the 1300 block of north calhoun street. three row homes caught on fire. as firefighters were attempting to put out those flames, another row homes caught fire and a block away, flames shot through several other row homes. people felt helpless as they watched their homes destroyed by fire. >> this is our time as a church to reach out and wrap our arms around our neighbors, around our community. this is the time for us to show strong in our faith and are trusting god and to be god's vehicle to minist
these fires, crews had to come from howard county to help out. most of the fires happened in west baltimore and the latest in mount vernon, the one we just showed you. let's go to linda. >> you know these fires were so bad, that they had to call in help. we hearing firefighters from dc also came in to help. here in the city, more than 100 firefighters were needed to put out these flames that were fueled by those gusty winds. fast moving flames tore through at least a dozen row homes throughout the city. the first fire broke out at around 5:30 yesterday afternoon in the 1300 block of north calhoun street. three row homes caught on fire and as firefighters were attempting to put out those flames, another five row homes caught fire and then a block away, flames shot through several other row homes. >> the flames started over here in the old funeral home building and they just -- flames ripped across the street. it was burning lots of grass. everything. burning the houses on the end. it didn't look like it was going to come over to my house, but it did. >> that woman there says she lost ever
are investigatingga murder in west baltimore. it happened at about 1:00 this afternoon. on baker street near bradish pronounced dead at the hospital. with the arrest of a shooting suspect. it happened in west baltimore. ooficers say they spotted 19-year-old michael ellis on mont mere court near baker street. he went inside of a home and a standoff started. police roped-off the aaea and swat was caaled in. >> due to the nature of the warrant for which he was wanted. %-precautions to protect everyoe ii the neighborhood. and do what we id to apprehend him. >> ellis was wanting foo a shooting earlier this month, after a three hour standoff police took him in to dead custody. >> aamost 100 firefighters battle an eight alarm blaze in west baltimore. can karen parks is standing by at the scene to tell us why firefighters said it proofs the serious lack of resources. >> after yesterday's fire you can still smell smoke. debris is evvrywhere. see thh burnt out homes. and dozens of firefiggters were called to this scene. but they all were not from baltimore. and if it wasn't for the extra help, some say, we c
. >> it is a story that has been unfolding all all evening in west baltimore. it began at 5:15 tonight. a short time later, flames shot from iraq houses in the 1300 block of north carry st. -- from in the 1300houses iat block of north kerry street. >> we are learning that that north calhoun fire has rekindled in the last five minutes or so. firefighters fought fires and 11 houses on two different blocks. the view from above shows the smoke, flames, and firefighters trying to contain two separate fires. >> 20 close. >> down below, and neighbors like charles and michelle watched as flames shoot out of a window just two houses down. >> getting the babies out of the house in case anything happens. >> it is like to lose anything you got due to fire. it's hard. real hard. ." >>> the fire started on the 1300 block of north kelvin. first one house, then three more on the other side of the street. firefighters rushed to three more houses a block away. >> one consideration as there may have been embarrassed that blew by the wind across the street. it may have ignited that one. we do not know. >> according to
ago. it was in west baltimore. what made this different is that the wind just picked up all the sudden. next thing i was talking to the police officer looking at the first fire he said there is another fire. i ran around and next thing four home on fire and i said -- it was just crazy and again more people lost their homes. tonight still active scene but i think everybody seemed to be okay. nobody is hurt. a lot of folks lost a lot of their property. >> good job. thank you. >>> the union representing baltimore firefighters is linking these fires to ongoing labor concerns. they sent us an e-mail called the great baltimore fire of 2010. it reads just about every baltimore firefighter on duty is currently on either north calhoun or north kerry in west baltimore. it's time the mayor and city council fund the fire department fully. the fire department has been operating under a system of rotating closures as part of the overall cost cutting measures. >> those wind still steady out of the north northwest. we expect to see gusty winds overnight and into the day tomorrow. national weather se
is being held pending trial. police are able to end a standoff peacefully this morning in west baltimore. authorities say a 19 year-old was holed up inside of a home. after nearly two hours, he turn himself in. no one was injured. police say he is wanted on an attempted murder warrant. >> there is a sense of relief from a maryland man who is finally out of a hospital. last week, we told about his fight to be released. he was well enough to go home but the medical center refused to let him go. we are live in the studio with our follow up. >> although grateful for the care he received, he is glad to be home. he got caught in a gap when his health plan ran out any had no way to pay for home health care. down in a familiar hallway, and he comes home. he is greeted by his dog, his wife, and his son. as we reported last friday, he had an extended stay at the upper chesapeake center. he suffers from crones disease. he was admitted to the hospital so doctors could cut open his stomach to relieve swelling. they put him on a device to help heal the wound. despite being well enough to go home, he h
at the mall and they are increasing patrols in order to keep shoppers safe. we'rr liveein west baltimore,@ myranda stephens, fox 54 news at 5:30. >> thank yoo, miranda.3 >>> city police are investigating a shooting in northeast baltimooe. investigators were called to bel air road just before 2:00 this morning. they found one man shot in thh neck and torso. - second was shot in the tpeupbger. >>> police are looking forra %-edgewooo.attacced a woman in police say this man was in a ca3 withha female driver. the driver asked the victim if she wanted a ride. police say once the victim ggt3 in, the man robbed and tased her. the victim maaaged to escape, was treated and later released. if you have any information hartford county sheriff's immediately. >>> aaself-pro claamed white supremacist accused of beating ppeads guilty tooay in couut as part of a plea deaa.@ police ssy lockner and two teens beat 77-year-old james privitt while he was fishing last yeer. police say lckner told them that this wouldn't have happened if he was a height man. underrthe deal, lockner ill spend 31 years behind ba
a building that has -ollapsed in west baltimore. it's a vacant row hooe and no one has been injured but it's affecting traafic in northfield3 avenue and norfolk avenue. you can stick with park or ellicott aaenue, and we have an accident thatthas shutdown %-corridor of 95, no probllms to report innthe whitemaash area. here ii a live look north of the 83, thh cars are mooing alongg3 the northbound and southbound lanes just fine. you're lloking at a 4-minute ride witt an average speed of 55 miles per hour. from 95 to 88, that stretch is goinn to take you 11 minutes. there you're looking at an average speed of 54 miles per hour. ww will remain clear from 795 with an 11-minutt trip with an avvrage speed of 55 mills per houu. ttat's the traffic edge report, ppatrice, back to you. >>> he videotaped hisstraffic -top and was charged with violating maayland's wiretapping laa. now a judge rules that the motorcyclist did not commit a crime. city police head quarer headquah the latest on ruling aad what it means to the public when it comes to video taping police -or all oo youuif you see a police offic
people were shot in west baltimore. it happened at 9 p.m. monday at west saratoga and north sproous streett man shot and woman grazed by a bullet apparently after an argument. man was taken to theehospital wwth gunshot wounns in the chest and arm. no word on the sues pest in the hooting. >> baltimore police officer is arrested after bar fight in south west baltimore. happened in the pprking lot of club reality around 1:30 monday morning. investigators say officer refuse receipt walker got into a fight after a woman punched him in the face. walker was arrested and charged with assault and behavior that upped minds the integrity of ttis agency, men and women of the pd work too hard. this type of behavior is unacceptable. >>reporrer: walker is alreaay suspended for an inciddnt last year. he was not wearing his badge or his weapon at the -útime oo this incident. >>> primary day in the state of mary land and baltimore city all eyes on the race for city state attorney. >> we have live team coveragg tonight. jeff liie in canton with greg's campaign. >> and joy ssanding by live i
the bail at 1 million dollars. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. investigate a murder in west baltimore. happened about 1:00 o'clock this afternoon on baker street near brad avenue. mmn was shot and stumbled into a neaa by business. he was pronounced dead later onn% at the hospital. >> barricade situation ends with the arrest oo shooting police spotted 19-year-old michael ellis on court near baker street. they say ellis went inside a home and stand off ensued. swat team was then called in. >> dueeto the nature of the warrant for which he was wanted that is why we tookkall the precautions to protect everyone in the neighborhood and do whattwe did to apprehend him. >> ellis wanted for shoooing early this month after a 3 hour stand off. poliie finally took him into custody. are investigating a seriousty stabbbng in rice town at the intersection of roote 140 and franklin boulevard. police aren't ure in a robbery happened but a fight broke out before the man was stabbed. victim died from the injjries. suspect still on the loose. 14-year-old girl accused of murdering a man during a rob
what happened earlier this week in west baltimore with the fires, people believe it could happen in their block as well. they are calling on the city to do more to keep them safe. there have already been several fires in vacant homes there. years ago when eleanor was using drugs, she lived with several people in an abandoned home. drug use, lighting candles for heat and light all pose a serious risk for fire. >> when the buildings get on fire, it do travel and spread onto the old houses because they're real old, you know? i think about it every day. >> reporter: housing officials say they look for ways to rehabilitate the properties but when the safety threat outweighs the benefit, they often demolish them. linda so. >>> today, the mayor and governor will begin demolishing the so-called highway to nowhere. remember in the 1970s, it was built as a plan to connect interstate 70 and 83 but the community put brakes on the idea. the section will allow for the expansion of the west baltimore marc station. >>> in our democracy 2010 coverage, it is one of the hottest local races headin
engines converge on west baltimore as three fires broke out in the span of a few hours yesterday. first, calhoun street turns chaotic and then, that fire sparked one on west carey street. my room is all smoked up from coming in the back. >> reporter: ten row homes were engulfed and eight were vacant. then, another fire near charles street. conditions are ripe for scenes like these. strong winds and dry weather are feeding and fanning the flames. >> it certainly could have played a factor in the second fire. when the companies arrived, there was heavy fire and smoke. the embers may have blown on to another home. >> reporter: bernadette woods: >> it's so dry, we haven't had any real rain in 2 1/2 weeks. then,the humidity has dropped between 15 and 20%. that's dry around here. >> and even a dwelling fire, if you have the wind from oneside where the fire side is, it will push it through the house rapidly. certainly, it intensifies the firefighting efforts. >> we're live on north calhoun street. many of the homes were sitting vacant. it's not clear how many are effected this morning. >> than
have breaking news from west baltimore. let's send it out to captain roy taylor in skyteam 11. >> this is a two-alarm fire at 1300 block north calhoun street and -- in west baltimore. several homes here are vacant. however, one on the end is an occupied dwelling. if we have had no reports of injuries at this location. fire crews are working diligently to make an aggressive attack. right now it is an exterior operation because of how dangerous this fire is. they're trying to get ahold of pg&e to turn off the power so they can get in and fight this fire. > >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> hot and dry again today. that has been the theme it seems for the past six months or so since spring right through the month of august and into september. we have not had much rain in the last two weeks or more. 92 today at b.w.i. marshall and 93 at the inner harbor. the normal high is 81. you can see how above normal that is, but still short of the record. this day in 1939, the temperature hit 100 degrees in baltimore. today's 90 was
below turnout at an event in west baltimore this morning. >> it will grow with every election. the first time was a learning experience for people. it will be continued to become more widely known and widely used. >> officials believe that early voting will make up about 8% of the votes cast in the primary. >> we are live also courthouse east for another state. >> attorneys in this case have five different jury panels to pick from. potential jurors were brought back today and the selection process is over. >> opening statements are set for monday. prosecutors will try to prove that kenneth harris was killed by three men who were robbing a nightclub. finding an impartial jury was difficult. >> one of the issues was the large amount of publicity. one of the questions was, if you know about the case, can you still be fair? it took as long as it took for us to get 12 people and four alternates who could put aside everything they knew about the case and still be fair. >> they are accused of killing harris in september of 2008. for more than 700 potential jurors, a jury of 12 people and four a
still grieving their losses after the fires in west baltimore. >> the fires on north calhoun street and north kerry street lasted for much of the evening wednesday. 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti joins us live from the devastating scene this morning with the very latest. good morning, jen. >> good morning. fire investigators are still looking for a cause, and meanwhile, the red cross is insisting at least 12 people who have been displaced by this fire. this fire did happen on wednesday afternoon. firefighters battled two four-alarm fires on split streets within blocks of one another. the first started on north calhoun street, and it's believed, at least preliminary nearly, that employers from the fire ignited the fire that happened on north kerry street. in all, 11 rowhouses burned, most were vacant. but at this point, we're told that the red cross is assisting six families. >> we need money for clothes, food, i think some diapers. one of the families needed diapers. you know, we got them a hotel. >> there is really not much left at this rowhouse, this section of rowhouses. yo
to bringing down the massive concrete which is the highway to nowhere in west baltimore. construction in what is now highway 40 was home -- halted in the 1970's but not before this part was constructed. >> for my entire life the highway to nowhere has been an unfortunate part of west baltimore's landscape. it divided communities and put a halt to the progress in once promising neighborhoods. >> but now the concrete will start to come down and remove the barrier that has separated west side communities. >> it is a story of communities coming back together, of communities moving maryland forward by becoming better connected. >> once the concrete comes down, the groupped -- ground will be leveled and the empty area will be made into green space for the community and extend the parking lot for the west baltimore marc train station. >> with the completed work, we can begin the redline in earnest. the redline will create jobs and spur development athis route. >> the work is possible due to people who kept fighting for their communities. >> we will take it one step at a time, block-by-block as we co
destroyed. >> west baltimore pogo highway to know where it will soon be no more. demolition started friday. officials said the demolition will lead to better traffic flow and revitalize some communities. we have that story. >> this is the first step to bringing down the massive concrete known as "the highway to nowhere. it was constructed in the 1970's. >> for my entire life, it has been an unfortunate part of west baltimore's landscape. it divided communities, and put a hold to the progress in once promising neighborhoods. >> now, the concrete will start to come down, and remove the barrier. >> the story of the new beginning is really a story of communities coming back together, moving maryland forward by becoming better connected. >> once the concrete comes down, the ground will be leveled -- leavened -- leveled. it will extend the parking lot for the west baltimore train station. >> with a work complete, we can begin the new red line effort in earnest. it will create jobs for residents and spur development. >> the work as possible with federal money and the dedication of committee membe
in west baltimore. it happened last night near lafayette avenue and paason street. and 3 shot, taken to the hospital. all exppcted to survive. 3 penn station, has leftta man in the hospital witt a collapsed lung. three teenagers now face attempted mmrder chargee. as crime and justice reporter joy lepola shows us, one community in east baltimore is fighting back, to rid neighborhoods of these dangerous criminals. and they are counting on a higger power to ake it happen. >> in christ name we pray.ú >> in eastern baltimore. >> i am with you, in this. we are doing this together. >> a powerful group converges, at zion baatist church. among them are religious leaders, pooice, and politicians. >> we aae tired of going to vigils, for people who hhve been just maliccously killed in our community. >> across town, close to penn station, a near fatal staabing remains under investigation. a stabbing hat has left a victim with a collapsed lung. three teens are in custody. each faces attempted murder charges. >> some blocks have lights. some don't. >> stephen miller lives nearby and he remembers
in the hospital. >>> two massive fires burning in west baltimore at the exact same time. now, fire officials say such fires are so rare that they're looking into a variety of causes, including the weather. wjz is live near the scene of the fires. derek valcourt is following the investigation for us. derek? >> reporter: well, we know one fire started here on this side of the road. the winds that carried those flames to these houses across the street. and fire investigators are now looking into the possibility the winds may have carried some fiery embers several more blocks down, starting a massive fire there. >> reporter: sky eye chopper 13, overhead, as baltimore firefighters, battle some of the biggest blazes of the year. it all started in some vacant houses in the 1300 block of north calhoun street. evabrown watched from her home across the road. >> the flames, as if they were just walking across the street. >> reporter: in fact, flames did cross the street, thanks to strong winds, igniting the roofs of vacant neighboring homes. >> everything there is just gone. >> reporter: winds may have car
and join us live in west baltimore. hello, david. >> burns did pick of the endorsement of a well-known attorney and a former judge. >> how are you? >> fine. >> this that both -- they both spent part of their day campaigning. >> i think his platform is superior to hers. she had a failed tenure as the state attorney. >> later, the baptist minister party conference representing more than 200 of the city's religious leaders announced their backing for patricia jessamine. this persistent violence that seems to play every neighborhood, she has been a tireless worker for prevention, drug treatment on demand. >> bernstein says he is willing to consider alternate to jail for drug charges. >> many the intervention and prevention? >> i encourage those programs and a good partner with people who want to set them up. it is not the job of the state's attorney to be initiating them and creating them. >> she stands by her record and expresses disappointment that in her words it has been distorted. >> i have had tough political challenges in the past. i think this has been the most divisive. >> i
that in order to ride the wave, he will be a lot of help in west baltimore county. kevin kamenetz is very popular there. he says expect to see him there a lot over the next month or so. >> the results of the primary fuel their rematch between martin o'malley and bob are like. they both have ambitious schedules leading up to november. we caught up with both campaigns today. >> perception rules in politics and voters does much of the difference between the two men treat they combine both have raised taxes and both look out for their parties' interests. between now and november, the campaign will be sharpening contrast, many more tv advertising, policy initiatives and photo opportunities. in the rematch between martin o'malley and bob are like, experts say look for both and is to sharpen contrasts. >> what each can it needs to do is separate himself from the other in terms of policy. >> ehrlich is launching a new tv ad and policy rode out -- policy rollout. but he is not ready to detail how he plans to back fill a repeal of the sales tax increase and corporate income tax rate. >> [unintellig
likely to be targeted. a boy is shot in the face in west baltimore near pennsylvania avenue. the victim was taken to a local hospital and is in stable condition. >> as the week begins, so does final preparations in the gulf of mexico. bp engineers hoisted the failed blowout preventer to the surface. >> labor day will be the start of major worked. >> we should be able to move forward with the relief well sometime this week. >> the purpose at plugging of the well comes as the danger of another well goes away. sealing the well is just one task at hand. the investigation took a crucial step over the weekend. the failed blowout preventer was hoisted and is now headed to way nasa facility for analysis. >> knowing we have this off surfers and the investigation moving forward, everybody will understand what has taken place. >> the well site leader says finding answers help to honor the 11 men who died. >> they deserve this, and we need to find out for the industry. they would want its no love the way. >> a hope for a tragedy that is shared by many along the gulf coast. >> residence in nova scot
. >>> and we have breaking news from west baltimore now. a man barricaded himself inside one of the gilmore homes off of north calhoun street. the stand off ended and the man is in police custody. we'll have more details when they're available to us. >>> and still to come at noon, texas tornadoes, a series of storms cut a path of destruction through texas. >>ed to braid -- todd brady was in a car crash. how serious was the accident. >>> we'll be back with the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> more crews on the way to fight the colorado wildfire. the blaze has destroyed 130 homes. 3500 people in boulder were told to leave. some may return today, but the weather and fire conditions could worsen tonight and tomorrow. >>> the remnants of hermine moved start north after causing damage in texas. one tornado picked up a tractor trailer off of the ground. the driver is recovering at a hospital. and also, in arlington, six flags closed and further south, two motorists were killed. >>> the labor department says that the number of people requesting employment benefits fell this we
was shot in west baltimore. they say he was shot around the clock on baker street and later died in shock trauma. no word on a suspect or possible motive. >> people in college park are on edge after a second week with a string of robberies. the victims are being attacked by group with the latest incident on saturday morning when a student was walking along hartwig road. the victim said he was approached by four individuals, tackled and robbed. >> we encourage people traveling late at night or early in the morning to try to travel in pairs to let people know where you are going. >> please have launched a campaign of the dangers between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. a construction worker is recovering after nearly being buried alive on the job. a six-foot trench partially collapsed on a man working in district heights yesterday afternoon. co-workers managed to dig him out so that his body was free but it took several firefighters to get him completely free. >> the attorney general is warning candidates and their supporters about campaign literature. he says his officer has seen handouts' fa
multiple fires within blocks of each other in west baltimore. 11 homes went up in flames when two separate fires broke out in the 1300 block of north calhoun street and nearby. investigators say only two homes were occupied and residents were able to safely escaped. officials are unsure what sparked the first blaze. they have an idea how the other fire started. >> one consideration is there may have been members that blow across the street -- embers that might have blown across the street. >> one firefighter was treated for minor injuries. hazmat crews were working through the night cleaning up the hydrochloric acid spill. we first told you about it yesterday. authorities say about the 5 gallons of that asset -- acid spilled yesterday morning -- 55 gallons. officials say the situation could have been much worse. >> we also had two members who were in the building that were close to the exposed area that at this time had been checked out on the scene and. to be fine. >> -- appeared to be fine. >> the causes under investigation. a man accused of deadly road rage is back in jail. james king w
as an adult with first-degree murder and armed robbery. police identified the man shot and killed in west baltimore last night. he was shot and later died at shock trauma. no word on the suspect or possible motive. students at maryland's college park campus are looking over their shoulders after a second week of a robbery spree the latest incident happened early saturday morning when a student was walking along the road and was approached by four individuals and tackled, and one of the suspects took cash from the victim's wallet. in response to the recent times, police have launched a campaign alerting the public of the dangers between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. a 2-year-old boy is dead after an accident in a backyard pool in anne arundel county. he was found at the home at the block of tick neck road saturday morning and was bon by a family member he was rushed to the medical center but did not recover. a construction worker was partially buried on the the job. authorities say that the trench partially collapsed on the man in district heights. his upper body was free, but it took the
. >>> a did he ever stating fire in west baltimore highlighting a danger that lurks in neighborhoods all over the city. i am kelly swoop. almost 10 homes burnt. no one was injured but some residents lost everything. investigators believe the fire started in a vacant home and as christian schaffer tells us tonight, that probably is a much broader threat in baltimore. >> something that weighs people's minds every day. the fires on calhoun and kerri last night certainly caught their attention, but there is not much residents that live near vacant homes can do about it. they're calling on the city it do more to keep them safe. >> could what happened in west baltimore last night happen in east baltimore some other night? people who live along east north avenue say it already has, there have been several fires in vacant homes here. >> i heard that on the news last night, and it is like it shook me because it could have been me. >> eleanor anderson moved into a rooming house here about two months ago. she is recovering from drug addiction trying to find a job. in fact, she
after wednesday's fires in west baltimore, especially six families who now don't have a home. >> the fire in the 1300 block of north calhoun and 1 pun block of north kerry street lasted for much of the evening on wednesday. 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti joins us live from the devastating scene this morning with the latest there. good morning, jen. >> good morning. of the 11 rowhouses that were affect by this fire, only two were occupied, and they have both been condemned. you can see the red condemned notice behind me. still, those who were affected showed up yesterday to try to salvage what was left. >> the day after fires brned on two blocks in this west baltimore neighborhood for nearly six hours and most of the smoke has cleared. >> i couldn't stay in the house at all. >> but people like esther still have a big mess on their hands. >> and from the third floor, my clothes -- >> esther is one of dozens of people on north calhoun and nearby north kerry who are struggling through the after-effects of the fires that drew nearly 100 firefighters. >> her neighbors have br
is live in west baltimore where firefighttrs returned to the scene mommnts ago. karen? ú% that's right jennifer. if you remember, at 10:00, this is pretty much a ghost town. cleaning up. getting ready to leave. but just minutes ago, and i am talking about maybe five minutes ago. at least 80 firefighters rush to thh scene here. in the 1300 block of north calhoon. after smoke was seen coming from the top of one of the row homes, that caught on fire earlier today. initially we were told that 10 ú%mes caught on fire. both four alarms. now we have learned that thereú could be mmre. chief kevin cartwright from the fire department joins me now. kevin, can you tell me whaa is going on right now? >> fire in the 1300 block of north calhoon street. has been under control for an hour and a half to two hours we received a report, while our firefighters were two blocks over, that there was some smoke coming from one of the dwellings. so right now our firefightees, as you can see in the background, have reentered the dwelling, to extinguish a small fire kindling. >> kevin, let me ask you. it is win
in west baltimore. the woman was found in the 1,900 block of mckeen avenue this morning. police say the victim was believed to be stabbed to death. investigators are still trying to figure out the motive. >>> and, a trial date has been set for a baltimore couple accused of killing johns hopkins university researcher steve picarin. they will stand trial in january, according to charging documents the couple demanded cash from picarin as he walked home in charles village last month. he was stabbed in the chest. >>> another building collapse in west baltimore today. this time it happened in the 4100 block of oakfield avenue this morning. the road was shut down for a time between norfolk avenue and fairview avenue while crews worked at the scene. yesterday, a building on druid hill avenue and laurens street collapsed. no one was inside and no one was hurt. >>> weather-wise today, had some showers, even some thunderstorms this morning. then the sunshine out and kind of muggy but cooler and drier is going to be the story tonight. then big changes on the way as we work into tomorrow night
a newspaper vennor of in west baltimore. happened at northhand fulton avenues. police were looking for the car thief. people on this corner were shocced. at how fast it all happened. >> e just bam. everybody left. >> the way they puu you in the median strip sometimes. %-it is, it is kind of hard. because you never know what is coming. >> tonight 18-yeaa-old davis is in the city lock up. >> one east baltimore community is working to fight back by counting on a higher power. >> in christ ame we pray, amen. >>>amen. >> under operation good paaients the four bbocks that surroundfor thee, as well as thh block in front of them. called the 4 plus 1 program. church members will walk the streets enightly basis rebuilding relationships with the community in hopes of gettinggcriminals locked up. >> the citizens, residents, see the criminallelements leave their communities. not showing up, setting up shop. able to o out and go to and from without looking to see who would hit them or rob them. >> councilman stokes that helped to organize the work session coming up with a plan thht is sustainable. >> on
inspectors are trying to determine what caused a building to collapse in west baltimore. druid hill avenue and laurens street yesterday afternoon. fire crews were digging for survivors. after police received initial reports a woman was standing near the building when it came down. >> we heard a boom, boom. that was it. my daughter seen it fall. >> are -- after rumbling and thermal imaging there was no evidence anyone was inside or injured. >>> 5:02. he calls himself a white supremacist and he'll spend 31 years behind bars for a brutal attack on a fisherman. james privotte was fishing in fort armystead when three men approached him. calvin lockner told police he didn't like black people and idolized adolf hitler. in court he expressed some regret. >> he asked for foregiveness through the written statement read by his attorney. >> mr. privotte, 77 years old, suffered a fractured eye socket, temporary blindness, lost some teeth. lockner will serve an additional year for assaulting a correctional officer, throwing a cup of urine and feces in his face while he was behind bars. >>> a jury in ca
alarm laze in west baltimore yesterday. karen parks is sttnding by live at the scene to teel us why firefighters say this proofs the serious lack of resources. karen? >>well, jennifer and jeff. look at this. this is what is left, after yesterday's fire, ttat nearly deetroyed more a dozen homes. and dozens of firefighters werr called to the scenn. but they all were not from baltimore. %-some say, we could have been n big trouble. >> the city was required to ask for companies to transfer in, from arundel county, baltimore county, howard counny, harford county and as far away as washington, d.c.. this was a fire that, in days gone by, would have been serious but there would have been enough resources left in the city to adequately protect the city. -> a spokesperson for the mayor released this statement. despite a record of $121 million budget defiiit, mayyr tephanie rawlings-blake restored critical funding to the fire department this year. and to reduce rotating fire company closures over the last year. there are, at least, three rotating fire company closures live here
has turned into a homicide investigation. it happened on friday night in west baltimore. a man was shot and later died at shock trauma. a baltimore man is in florida at seeking answers in his mother's disappearance. police discovered two bodies. been discovered. police say the bodies were found of the property of their caretaker, kimberly smith. an autopsy is being awaited to see if the second body is that of his mother. >> if she suffered at all. this is a nightmare that i wouldn't wish on anybody. >> smith is in jail on a probation violation. investigators are not ruling out any suspects. >> a tragic outcome in anne arundel county as a boy was pulled from a swimming pool this weekend and has died. the boy later died at the hospital. the cause of death has not been released. a construction worker has recovered after being partially buried in a trench for two hours. police say a man was working alongside three men when he was toppled over by a pile of dirt. the other men were able to dig out his upper body and then waited for firefighters to pull him out completely. there is no
in the west baltimore. the woman was found after 7:00 a.m. this morning. police say she died of a stab wound. right now, police have no suspects or motives. >> the good news after this month's deadly shooting at johns hopkins hospital. officials say the physician who was wounded in the shooting has been released and is now recovering at home. dr. cohen was delivering the news to paul about his mother's medical condition when he pulled out a gun and shot the doctor. that started a standoff that ended in and killing his mother and himself. >> in tonight's "education alert, "education nation, a summit on how to fix the education system, wrapped up this afternoon in new york. a number of maryland educators were there trying to come up with a solution. tim tooten has been covering this from new york. >> during the summit, we heard a lot about educational reform and how local school systems might go about making changes. >> we have to build their capacity. >> the principal at baltimore's academy was on "the today show" on the topic of education nation. she joined a panel of experts on how parents
of another shooting. at west baltimore. it happpned at 9:00 at west they found a man ha that was sht to the chest. there's no worr on a suspect for in either shoot. >>> pooice are looking for a man who stolee1500 gallons of diesel fuel from local businesses. theyyreporttd the theft of 830 gallons from the underground tank. a similar incident tookkplace near a heist last month. they ruled outtany leads and now they're loooing at surveillance footage from the surrounding businesses? mosque near the site of the september 11 attacks in new3 york. addresses mounting consistis crf the plan. he is a muslim and a proud america. while many people question building a mosque there. he believes it could be good for tte city and the u.s. >> this center will be a place for all faiths to come together as partners as stake holders in mutual respect. ii will bring honor to the city of new york torks merican, to s across the country and americans >> while the majority of voters believe the group has the right to build the mosque near ground zero, most of them also think it's morally wrong. >>> a balt
will continue tomorrow. two couples were killed today during a drug bust in west baltimore. -- pitt bulls. the dogs were shot. there is no word on what caused the officers to open fire, built police said they did see a large amount of heroin and a managed to make three arrest. another day and elle local family -- and other local family has lost their homes to fire. it happened around 9:30 this morning. officials said a fire caused the propane gas tank -- tank on the deck to explode. the six people inside were able to safely escaped. just yesterday, a fire in north baltimore left an entire family without a home. that broke out early yesterday. some inside jumped to safety, including the families grandmother. no one was seriously injured. it was a bit of a stormy night across our area. lightning lit up the sky around the door of baltimore as we felt under a thunderstorm watch. here is how looks around day 30 tonight. that same system brought powerful storms earlier in the day as well. a massive tree came crashing down. we will have more on the system that moved through coming your way. this
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